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Telesperience is a UK-based analyst firm. We advise how communications service providers (CSPs) can improve their operational efficiency, increase their commercial agility and enhance their customer experience through better use of software and data.


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Microsperience the Telesperience blog - taking a fresh look at telecoms software and data

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Current Issue:
Telesperience 18 - Mobile money and payment

Previous Issues:
Telesperience 17
- Innovator showcase 2010

Telesperience 16 - Qos, QoE and SLAs

Telesperience 15 - Cloud, managed services and outsourcing
Telesperience 14 - New opportunities from billing and charging
Next Issue:
Telesperience 19 - personalisation

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Featured Research
Datasheet: Key strategies for solving the capacity crunch

Issues paper: A Fresh Look at Telecoms Business Support Systems

Issues paper: Enhancing the Customer Experience Using Convergent Customer Management

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